Environmental Management Systems:

The emergence of ISO 14001 has resulted in a development of Management System for organizations to demonstrate their commitment to the environment. Quality Systems Engineering have developed facilitator and training programmes to assist companies develop a management system that meets the requirements of this Standard. The stages involved for ISO 14001certification are as follows:-

1. Preliminary questionnaire filled and submitted by client

2. Initial Environmental Review conducted by Quality Systems Engineering.

3. Establishment of Environmental Policy in consultation with the top management.

4. Aspect Impact analysis and segregating significant aspects

5. Establishment of objectives and targets

6. Preparation of Environmental Management Programmes, OCP’s and other documents

7. Emergency preparedness, training and awareness

8. Monitoring and measurement procedures

9. Internal Environmental Audit by our Qualified Auditor and Management Review meeting

10. Selection of certification agency

11. Preassessment by certification agency (stage-I)

12. Closure of stage-I non conformances.

13. Stage-II audit and certificate recommendation

Key Requirements:

Get experts’ advice on Environmental matters like Cost effective Effluent treatment methods Waste minimization and disposal techniques Energy audits and Energy conservation Stack emission controlling Ambient air monitoring and controlling Environmental legislation/ Pollution Laws compliance Environmental testing guidance Need more information or help? Simply click on our online query form ISO 14001 requirements have intentional similarities to ISO 9001 and as such lend themselves to an integration of both disciplines.

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